What’s in the Case?

Traveling to Mexico for three months will require a few things, which would need a suitcase right?

I plan on bringing one full sized suitcase and some additional equipment, and since I’ll be driving there, I won’t have to worry about losing them on the trip down!  Since one of my stories that I would follow provides easy access to El Paso, TX, certain items may be replaced as needed.


4 pairs shorts (summer heat in northern desert, summer heat in southern jungle, either way they’re a necessity)

3 pairs of pants (nights can be chilly, plus a pair of khakis or dress pants)

6 shirts (2 lightweight button-downs [Columbia], 3 t-shirts, 1 dress shirt)

3 pairs of shoes (Chacos, Hiking boots, dress shoes)

10 pairs of socks and boxers (to be replaced as needed)

rain jacket

2 hats (baseball & boonie hat)

swimsuit (working on the Río Bravo may tempt me to take a dip)

sunglasses (one cheap pair, one awesome pair)


Laptop & Charger with computer bag and phone charger

Nikon D60 (owned) 18-55 mm lens, 70-200 mm lens

Camera bag with battery charger, 2 8gig memory cards, extra battery, extra lens covers, filters, etc.

Olympus WS 600S recorder and spare batteries

2 notebooks

10 pens (wal mart run/costco stockpile may be necessary since I cannot hold on to a pen for more than an hour)

Medical Kit:

Metamucil fiber powder

Gatorade powder

Bandages-gauze, band aids, blister skins, ace bandage, medical tape


Alcohol swabs/hydrogen peroxide

IB profin, anti-diarrheal meds, anti-nausea pills, anti-malaria pills

Purel (a lot)

Epinephrin pen (allergies)


$200 cash emergency fund (kept in locked glovebox or safe at destination)


Media visa

cigarettes (for gifts)


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